Accident Insurance

Low cost accident insurance can be a wonderful add on to your health insurance policy, particularly if your health care deductible is large. It pays a benefit for each accident on top of other health care coverage you might have. In many cases, coverage means you pay no deductible. In some cases, coverage means you walk away with a check in your hand. Many of our clients use accident insurance as part of a strategy to keep their overall health care costs down.

Doug never tried to “sell” me anything. When he came over to my home, it had the same kind of feeling as a friend coming over to help you fix a leaky faucet. He was there to help. He was there to help us untangle a mess and meet the challenges we faced as a family. When we ran into complications, he stayed there with us making phone calls and doing what needed to be done until we reached the solution that was right for us. He took us from the very poor coverage that we had to much, much better coverage. Guess what? As a result of the switch, we pay less, not more. Wow. I had known about Doug for a long time, but never had any idea that he was so knowledgeable about cutting edge solutions to health care coverage problems. Most importantly, by the time we were finished, he felt like family. There’s no question in my mind about who I’m going to work with in the future. Doug’s your guy. You owe it to yourself to give him a try.
Dwight Clough, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Individual accident insurance

Several coverage levels are available depending on your needs and your budget. Accident insurance supplements health insurance, pays in addition to health insurance, and adds an extra layer of protection so, for example, you don’t need to come up with a large deductible payment as a result of a completely unexpected set of circumstances. Family coverage is available.

Group accident insurance

This guaranteed-issue, composite-rated group accident product provides a variety of coverage levels to fit employer and employee needs. Plans are compliant with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and provide all employees the same benefits and rates. Family coverage is available.

Contact Doug Trumbower to arrange for a friendly, no-pressure conversation to explore your needs and identify options that could work best for you.

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