Employee Benefits

We assist groups of all sizes by offering:

  • Health insurance including
    • Group health insurance
    • Individual health insurance
    • Short-term medical insurance
    • Self-funded health insurance plans
    • Consumer driven health insurance plans
    • HRA and HSA (Health Reimbursement Accounts, Health Savings Accounts)
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Employee wellness plans
  • Employee advocacy solutions including
    • Legal protection coverage
    • Financial education and more
  • Third party administration

We understand the importance of attracting and retaining high-performing employees, and the role that your benefits program has in that process. We know how to give your employees the coverage they need without breaking the bank. We help you manage the increasing costs of benefits through voluntary benefits and tax savings.

We not only provide insurance products tailored to the needs of your business and the needs of your employees, but we also simplify the enrollment process to save you time and money, and educate your employees so they understand the choices available and how to use them. This is done at no direct cost to you.

Every business is different and each employee is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of voluntary benefits that meet the changing needs of today’s employee.

Employee-paid voluntary benefits increase the coverage available to your employees at no direct cost to you. When packaged with core benefit offerings:

  • More affordable medical plans become an option for you.
  • You can offer a more competitive benefits package.
  • Gaps in coverage are addressed.
  • Tax savings become available to you and your employees.
  • Your employees are empowered to tailor coverage to suit their needs.

We offer group and individual coverages in all categories: medical, income protection, survivor benefits, catastrophic illness and more.

With our creative solutions, you can:

  • Reduce your payroll taxes.
  • Increase your employees’ take-home pay.
  • Assure IRS Section 125 compliance.
  • Receive discounts.

We provide selected benefits administration services to help ensure regulatory compliance at no direct cost to you.

Group meetings and one-to-one counseling
We provide group meetings for employee education and one-to-one enrollment sessions to help each employee select the plan that’s right for that employee. For some employers, we also provide a customized benefits learning center website to help employees explore their options. Through face-to-face meetings employees can understand how their choices affect their paychecks, personally review their benefits including core benefits, choose coverage the suits their needs and budgets, better understand and appreciate the benefits package you make available to them.

We’ll be there when you need us
As an independent agents, we have access to a number of resources and products. Years of experience have shown us which of those resources work well for our clients. The companies we work with have been in business for decades; they’ve received dozens of top honors; their customer service stores are consistently superior. The plans we work with provide the highest level of customer service for both you and your employees. And we’re here for the long haul, to build lasting relationships with you and your employees. We have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you get the benefits coverage that’s right for you and your employees, and when it comes time to use those benefits, everything works smoothly.

Wellness discounts
We offer your employees more affordable access to out-of-pocket services and products—again at no direct cost to you. Our plan provides discounts up to 65% for pharmacy, dental, vision, hearing and 24/7 doctor telephone consult.

Health care reform

We understand health care reform requirements, provide benefits administration and keep up with employment laws. We take the time to educate you, so you can make timely, informed decisions. We implement the benefits program that works best for you. We understand when it may or may not be appropriate to direct employees to the health insurance marketplace. We can offer your employees the added financial protection of voluntary benefits to supplement their health plan.

Here are some of the group policies we have available:

Group disability insurance

This voluntary group short-term disability product allows you, the employer, to tailor the plan to fit your unique business needs. Optional benefits such as psychiatric and psychological conditions, waiver of elimination period for first day of hospital confinement are available. Guaranteed-issue and simplified-issue options are available.

Educator disability insurance

Protect your net income with an individual short-term disability policy specifically designed to meet your needs as an educator. We tailor the plan to your specific needs. Coverage is worldwide and portable. You pay no premium when collecting benefits. The cost is less than you might think. Partial disability coverage is also available.

Group term life insurance

This is a voluntary group term life insurance product with flexible benefit designs. It can be portable and flexible, and offers guaranteed-issue underwriting enrollment with group rates.

Group accident insurance

This guaranteed-issue, composite-rated group accident product provides a variety of coverage levels to fit employer and employee needs. Plans are compliant with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and provide all employees the same benefits and rates. Family coverage is available.

Group cancer insurance

This group cancer product helps pay some of the direct and indirect costs related to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. The plan offers guaranteed-issue underwriting, benefit flexibility and published rates.

Group critical illness insurance

For specified diseases, this plan provides lump-sum indemnity benefits to help pay for some of the non-medical and medical expenses related to the specified illness.

Group critical care insurance

For critical illness and cancer, this product provides lump-sum benefits and monthly benefits for extended treatment of cancer. Features include HSA-compliant plans, portability and competitive rates and underwriting.

Group supplemental health insurance

This group hospital confinement indemnity insurance product pays benefits to help cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with a covered hospital stay, outpatient surgeries, diagnostic procedures and health screenings. An HSA-compliant plan is available.

Contact Doug Trumbower to arrange for a friendly, no-pressure conversation to explore your needs and identify options that could work best for you.

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